Safer and faster loading/unloading of vehicles completely from one side

Trucks as well as trains can be completely loaded and unloaded from one side. This was of pallet handling makes the operation safer than the traditional method as it is no longer necessary to turn the vehicle or approach the trailer from both sides.

50% savings on lift truck fuel can be achieved

Loading and unloading from one side means that there is less distance for lift trucks to travel and therefore huge potential for fuel savings.

Eliminate costly vehicle bed damage

By negating the need to push pallets across truck beds, expensive damage can be avoided.

Unload 2 vehicles in space normally needed for 1

The reduced amount of space required for turning means that extra space is created which can, for example, be used as another loading area or to store additional goods.

Double handling of pallets can half the number of journeys

Telescopic forks can be extended to transport two pallets at a time if necessary. This can generate considerable benefits involving large volumes or long distances.