Kooi Telescopic Forks extend and retract hydraulically. Telescopic Forks (often referred to as Reachforks) provide a unique and innovative solution designed specifically to reduce operational costs.

Great savings can be made when loading and unloading vehicles this is because the whole operation can take place completely from one side; resulting in a safer and faster turnaround of vehicles; this facility also means that expensive lift truck fuel bills can be reduced by 50%. Costly damage to vehicle beds can be eliminated; the necessity to drag the load across the vehicle bed is removed with the use of extending Kooi Telescopic Forks.

Telescopic forks can be extended to transport two pallets at a time - where large volumes or long distances are involved this can offer considerable benefits by reducing the number of journeys by half.
Kooi Telescopic Forks are easily fitted to all types of lift trucks and can be hydraulically adjusted from the drivers seat.

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